Makeover Dating


Do you feel overwhelmed by the “new” world of dating?

Feel like something is wrong with you?

Unsure of how to re-enter the dating scene?

You’re fit, healthy, and doing everything to make yourself attractive, but you just feel like it’s not enough.

Scared of being rejected?

Feeling the heavy baggage of divorce weighing on you?

To welcome that perfect person in your life, you will have to allow yourself to be truly loved.  That means you need to love yourself inside and out.

To find love, it is important to be strong and love ourselves so we can be vulnerable and open to love.


This is often easier said than done.  Years of negative self talk, emotional baggage, hurt and pain from past relationships stops us from putting ourselves out there to really connect with the right person.


MakeOver Dating is an integrated multi-disciplinary team focused on physical attractiveness, skills development and your inner game. We work with you on everything from your haircut, and makeup choices, to wardrobe, workout routine, nutrition and weight loss.  To the self talk, and negative patterns you have from childhood divorce, or early relationships.  We also hold socials, for our clients, allowing men and women who are actively committed to a Rejuvenated life, to mingle, and find their match.   And most importantly, we will continue to work with you through the early stages of your relationship (or as long as you’d like) to make sure that your relationship is one that is healthy, strong, full of fun, love and intimacy, for years to come.

MakeOver Dating is about Looking Good, Feeling Good, Doing Good, Being Good.  We work with clients to move through three distinct phases.

It starts with a free initial consultation, so we can figure out how to best serve you, and create the love you’ve dreamed of.


Phase one: “Looking Good/Feeling Good”

A good place to start if you want to feel comfortable in your skin.  This will be good for people returning to dating after a long period of single-dom or divorce.

Discover how to present yourself and dress in a manner that accurately reflects your personality and lifestyle, and effectively compliments your body type and personal colouring.

May Include:Body type analysis, Colour analysis, Grooming assessment and referral, Wardrobe auditing, Wardrobe planning, Hair Consultation, Make-up.


Phase Two: Doing Good

This is a good place to start for people who have already developed all or most of the core areas in Phase I, and who are already ‘dating’ but want to get into a committed relationship with their Ideal Man/Woman

Over the next 3 months to year you’ll be guided to master your inner game, and do what it takes to find their Ideal Partner and enter into a committed relationship with them.


Phase Three: Being Good

This Phase is for people who are either currently dating someone special OR are looking to find their Ideal Partner & create an incredible relationship or marriage with them.

The Being Good Phase is a minimum 3 month commitment, but can last as long client chooses to continue the coaching with MakeOver Dating.  Once you’ve found your special someone with the help of MakeOver Dating, and are comfortable in your committed relationship, many clients may choose to continue the coaching so that they can continue building an amazing partnership, deepen their relationship skills, work through the inevitable issues and challenges that come up with their partner, and navigate through the next phases of their relationship evolution.

Many clients continue the coaching after they’re happily married either individually or together as a couple, because there is always more to learn and evolve in a relationship.


Would you like to find your Ideal Partner, Soul Mate, or Love of your Life this year?

If so, then I’d like to personally help you do it with a Dating Breakthrough Session.

During this powerful 1-1 private session we will…

  • Create a crystal clear vision for your ideal partner, and relationship
  • Uncover hidden self sabotage that may be stopping you from meeting the right person
  • Leave this session renewed, rejuvenated, and inspired to finally have and enjoy the love life of your dreams
If you’d like to set up a 1-1 Dating Breakthrough Session with me, please answer the questions below.